Inspiring in everyone a passion to excel
Inspiring in everyone a passion to excel

Community Unit School District 200

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  • Senate Bill 16 – Negative Impact on District 200
    Last July, the Illinois Senate Education Funding Advisory Committee was tasked with recommending ways to improve public education funding in Illinois, which has remained unchanged since 1997. If enacted into law, Senate Bill 16 (SB16) will make sweeping changes in how the state funds education and those changes will have a severe, negative impact on District 200.

    The state's current system has multiple funding sources, each with separate rules and regulations. The committee recommended that 96 percent of state education dollars be combined under one funding formula, with the exception of funds for early childhood education, capital projects and special education. The recommendation of creating one funding formula is aimed at providing greater equity among districts throughout the state.

    SB16 does not increase the level of education funding, but changes the way in which limited state funding is distributed to school districts. Generally, school districts like ours with higher assessed property values will receive much less state funding. Other districts will receive much more in state funding. As written, SB16 provides a special cost benefit to Chicago Public Schools. Under SB16, the state will now assume teacher pension costs for Chicago Public Schools, which represents a substantial cost savings for them.

    SB16 also does not address the issue of the state not being able to meet its current obligations to fund education. For the past three years, the state has underfunded all school districts by 11 percent.

    How will SB16 impact District 200?
    The financial impact on our school district is significant. District 200’s state revenue allocation will be reduced by 81 percent or $9.8 million over four years. A revenue reduction of $9.8 million is equivalent to the salary of approximately 132 teachers. District 200 will have the fifth largest reduction in state funding among the 862 school districts in Illinois and the second largest reduction in DuPage County.

    If passed into law, District 200 would once again be placed in a position of reviewing programs and class sizes in order to stay within its budget. Since 2008, reductions in funding have forced us to cut $16.3 million from our budget – which includes $1.3 million we cut for this year that was earmarked for staffing, professional development for teachers, and textbooks for students. Finding areas outside of the classroom to cut an additional $9.8 million out of an already lean budget would be very difficult and painful.

    At $11,100, District 200 already has one of the lowest operating expenses per pupil for unit districts in DuPage County. The district also operates below the state average of $11,842. Simply put, there isn’t anything left to cut. You can learn more about District 200 finances by viewing a presentation given at a community engagement session last spring.

    What can you do?
    SB16 has already passed the Senate. You can see how your Senator voted here.

    It is expected that SB16 will be discussed and possibly voted on by the House as early as this fall. This is where we need your help. We are asking parents to contact your Illinois Representative and ask them to vote NO on SB16.

    District 200 is served by the following Representatives:

    State Representative Mike Fortner (, 630-293-9344)
    State Representative Jeanne Ives (, 630-384-1108)
    State Representative Sandra Pihos (, 630-858-8855)
    State Representative Darlene Senger (, 630-420-3008)

    You can enter your home address here to see your elected representatives.
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  • District ACT Scores Show Gains in Student Achievement 

    Last week, District 200 received ACT data released from the State of Illinois. We are proud to report to the community that the composite score for the Class of 2014 is 23.7 – a .2 increase from the previous year. District 200’s composite score is significantly higher than the state average of 20.7 and the national average of 21.

    Interim Superintendent Faith Dahlquist, who is also the district’s assistant superintendent for educational services, attributes the gain to the staff commitment to improving instruction and raising the level of learning required for students. “We had hoped to see a gain in our ACT scores. As we have implemented the new, more rigorous Common Core Standards, we raised the bar for student learning and that is reflected in our test scores,” said Dahlquist.

    This fall, District 200 will release a more detailed update to the community on overall student achievement. Stay tuned!

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About Us

About Us

Community Unit School District 200 (CUSD 200) is a public, K-12 District located approximately 30 miles west of Chicago. The District is located in DuPage County and primarily serves the communities of Wheaton and Warrenville, as well as portions of Carol Stream, Winfield, West Chicago, and adjacent unincorporated areas.
CUSD 200 is mostly a middle and upper middle class residential suburban area where residents are largely professional, semiprofessional, managerial, and skilled workers.
CUSD 200 has thirteen K-5 elementary schools, four middle schools (grade 6 to 8), two comprehensive high schools, and an early childhood center. CUSD 200 serves more than 13,400 students and employs approximately 1,000 certified employees and 800 support staff.