Inspiring in everyone a passion to excel
Inspiring in everyone a passion to excel

Community Unit School District 200

130 West Park Avenue, Wheaton, IL 60189

P: 630.682.2000 F: 630.682.2227

Building Level Administrators

Jefferson Early Childhood Center           (630) 682-2474
Stephanie Farrelly, Principal               

Bower Elementary School                       (630) 393-9413
Mark Kohlmann, Principal                   

Emerson Elementary School                   (630) 682-2055
Debra Klein, Principal                         

Hawthorne Elementary School               (630) 682-2065
Danielle Moran, Principal                   

Johnson Elementary School                    (630) 393-1787
Derick Edwards, Principal                   
Jacqueline Rodriquez, Assistant Principal    

Lincoln Elementary School                      (630) 682-2075
Jeff Mitchem, Principal                       

Longfellow Elementary School               (630) 682-2080
Sean Walsh, Principal                        

Lowell Elementary School
                     (630) 682-2085
Kathleen Melton, Principal                 

Madison Elementary School
                   (630) 682-2095
Tim Callahan, Principal                      

Pleasant Hill Elementary School            (630) 682-2100
Christine Frederick, Principal             
Patsy Steinmeyer, Assistant Principal  

Sandburg Elementary School                 (630) 682-2105
Aaron Bacon, Principal                      

Washington Elementary School
             (630) 682-2222
Jennifer Craig, Principal                    
Whittier Elementary School                   (630) 682-2185
Chris Silagi, Principal                        
Wiesbrook Elementary School               (630) 682-2190
Brian Turyna, Principal                     

Edison Middle School                            (630) 682-2050
Rachel Bednar, Principal                  
Lauryn Humphris, Assistant Principal 

Franklin Middle School                          (630) 682-2060
David Bendis, Principal                    
Joe Kish, Assistant Principal             

Hubble Middle School                          (630) 821-7900
Jon Pilkington, Principal                  
Adam Ferguson, Assistant Principal  

Monroe Middle School                         (630) 682-2285
Bryan Buck, Principal                     
Susan Baldus-Strauss, Assistant Principal

Wheaton North High School                (630) 784-7300
Matt Biscan, Principal                     
Alexia Ellett, Assistant Principal       
Julie Pavlini, Assistant Principal       
Matt Fisher, Assistant Principal        
Jim Venckus, Assistant Principal      

Wheaton Warrenville South High School  (630) 784-7200
David Claypool, Principal              
Lorie Campos, Assistant Principal  
Erin Axelsen, Assistant Principal    
Regina Ingersoll, Assistant Principal
Mike Healy, Assistant Principal      
Last Modified on January 18, 2017