Inspiring in everyone a passion to excel
Inspiring in everyone a passion to excel

Community Unit School District 200

130 West Park Avenue, Wheaton, IL 60189

P: 630.682.2000 F: 630.682.2227

Vision 2018  
In 2014, the Board of Education adopted Vision 2018, a strategic planning document that outlines our goals and priorities for the next several years.
Vision 2018 includes five overarching areas: support systems, finance, student learning, community engagement and facilities. Please see the complete list of goals for each area below.  

The mission of Community Unit School District 200 is to inspire, educate, challenge, and support all students to reach their highest level of learning and personal development.

SUPPORT SYSTEMSOur commitment is to maintain effective systems of support for students and staff that promote quality learning experiences. We will:
  • > Provide the quantity and quality of staff and resources to ensure support systems are operating at an effective level;
  • > Provide high quality, research-based programs compliant with State and federal regulations that support core instruction;
  • > Provide staff additional training and development to collaboratively meet the needs of at-risk, English learner and special education students;
  • > Implement a teacher evaluation process aligned to best practices and State requirements; and
  • > Ensure that co-curricular programming positively impacts the student learning experience.
FINANCEOur commitment is to achieve long-term financial stability and promote student learning by managing District resources prudently. We will:
  • > Provide regular financial updates to the community;
  • > Continue to review and negotiate all contracts to ensure a balance of quality and efficiency;
  • > Continue to review budgetary efficiencies to ensure the leanest operation possible;
  • > Continue to collaborate with other agencies to reduce or restrict spending; and
  • > Explore alternate revenue sources, when available, to support district needs. 
STUDENT LEARNINGOur commitment is to increase student learning and mastery of 21st century skills. We will:
  • > Implement a rigorous curriculum that prepares students for college and career readiness with an emphasis on math, language arts and science;
  • > Improve the learning environment by creating common expectations on best practices in instruction and use of technology; 
  • > Implement a system of assessment to guide instruction based on student learning needs;
  • > Utilize Professional Learning Communities to support high quality instruction and intervention for our diverse population;
  • > Design and implement a systematic approach to social emotional learning; and
  • > Expand digital and face-to-face staff development opportunities. 
COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENTOur commitment is to stay connected to our community to determine its priorities, foster partnerships and promote learning. We will:
  • >Develop and consider recommendations derived from Engage 200 and communicate those actions;
  • > Remain committed to highlighting student and staff achievement both at the district and school level;
  • > Ensure the district’s comprehensive communication plan addresses finances, special programming and other areas identified through Engage 200;
  • >Host community-wide sessions to continue promoting a two-way communication process regarding key decisions that impact the future of the district; and
  • > Determine and implement additional strategies to utilize volunteers and partnerships to enhance support of students.
FACILITIESOur commitment is to provide safe, secure and well maintained facilities that support 21st century programs and promote learning. We will:
  • > Maintain a Facilities Master Plan that identifies and prioritizes district-wide facility and technology needs for the delivery of instruction and co-curricular programming; 
  • > Include an appropriate solution for an early childhood education facility in the Facilities Master Plan; and
  • > Sustain the District’s technology infrastructure at an appropriate level to support future needs of students and staff and the devices they will employ.